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  • Endforming segmented tools (expanding fingers, reducing jaws compatible with C-type or I/O-type assembly)
  • Notching tools from the inside towards the outside of the tube (they work on C-type endformers also)
  • Notching, slotting and torca notching tools (they work on C-type endformers also)
  • Ram forming tools with punch (straight or shaped vices, ram tools etc.)
  • Cutting and trimming tools
  • Reference fixtures for cutting machines
  • Cutting fixtures on disk sawing machines for two, three or four tubes simultaneously
  • Perforation tools
  • Stuffing tools for mufflers assembly
  • Stuffing and Ridge-Locking tools
  • Lock seaming tools for mufflers assembly
  • Shell flanging tools for mufflers assembly
  • Baffle stuffing and lock seaming for muffler assembly
  • Muffler sheet lock seaming mandrel
  • Bending tools for CN machines but not limited to (straight or shaped dies 1/2/3/4 stacks, dies inserts, pressure dies, wiper dies, ball mandrel shanks, clamps etc.)
  • Tools for tube expanding with flange
  • Punching and/or squeezing tools
  • Marking tools
  • Deburring tools
  • Chimney pipes applications tools
  • Welding jigs - Manual welding jigs on rotating frame
  • Welding jigs - Robot welding jigs supplied with electrical and pneumatic wiring
  • Checking fixtures for complete exhaust systems supplied with test report
  • Checking fixtures for tube parts or exhaust components supplied with test report

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