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  • One, two or more working heads, hydraulic or electro-pneumatic
  • Machines for tube expanding by means of segment inner fingers and conical punch
  • Machines for tube reducing by means of segment outer jaws and conical ring
  • Machines for tube notching on the extremities of straight or pre-bent tubes; simple notches or torca-slots and reference slots.
  • Tubes or metal sheet cutting units
  • Machines for tube expanding and/or reducing, C-type endsizing
  • Patented torca-slot device on C-type endsizers
  • Machines for tube expanding and/or reducing, I/O-type endsizing, inner/outer endforming
  • Machines for ram forming by means of vice jaws and ram tool (punch)
  • Machines for cutting and trimming of straight or pre-bent tubes
  • Sawing machines
  • Machines for tube perforation
  • Machines for pressfitting of inner pipes into baffles or complete muffler assembly
  • Machines for mechanical ridge-locking through expansion of the muffler inner pipes
  • Machines for simultaneous pressfitting and ridge-locking
  • Working cells for catalysers and canning production
  • Machines for substrate measurement, mat/substrate pressfitting into the shell, canning reducing/expanding
  • Machines for final endsizing of complete canning
  • Machines for substrate/mat pressfitting into the shell
  • Machines for sizing and perforating of shells or complete canning
  • Machines for expanding of tubes with flanges
  • Machines for piercing and/or squeezing on tubes
  • Machines for marking and engraving of logos or numbers on tubes
  • Machines for tube deburring with brushes or inner/outer cutters
  • Machines for chimney pipes applications
  • Machines for leak testing and good/reject parts results issuing
  • Machines for exhaust systems assembly and sheet cutting lines
  • Multi-operation machines
  • Customized machines and working cells, turnkey solutions, no limit with tube diameters

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